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Ways to Improve Endocrine Health

It takes ten major systems to run a human body. The nervous system sends messages between the brain and the major systems using electrical impulses. These signals generally mean pain. The endocrine system sends messages to the body's systems via hormones. These signals are about growth and regulation. They not only relay messages but control and guide the systems once the message has been delivered. The endocrine system controls the glands that produce insulin, for instance, in a diabetic. It controls reproductive systems and the thyroid, which is about metabolism. This system, using hormones, regulates things like your body temperature, when you feel full when you eat, your sleeping patterns, puberty and adrenaline rushes to name a few. When we are weight conscious, we have our thyroid checked out to see if it's working. When we have hot flashes, we get hormones to balance out the problem. When we have eating disorders, we get checked for diabetes. Sexual problems end up on the endocrine system's doorstep. These are just a few problems. What might the answer be? A healthy diet would be a good place to begin. Studies show that the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish and fowl contribute to a healthy diet. Lifestyle changes like fitness, good sleep patterns, fresh air and reduction in stress all contribute to a healthy endocrine system. See your doctor for advice and medications.


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