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What Iodine Is Used For

Iodine is used to keep your body healthy. It helps the body's metabolic system and thyroid to stay healthy and normal. In order to keep your thyroid healthy you can drink milk, which is a great source of iodine. To keep your body healthy it is important to keep it well maintained with the proper nutrition. To notice when your levels are low on iodine you will experience problems. Enlarged thyroid glands and low levels of thyroxine are symptoms of low levels of iodine. It is best to keep check with the doctor to keep your body at normal levels. If you are lacking iodine, it is important to find many sources such as seaweed. Seaweed is another source that will help keep your body in order.dairyproducts is another source along with iodized salt, which is essential for your health. When you have these sources, it will keep your skin and hair healthy. Not only will your outside appearance look healthy but also your inside will function properly. Having the proper amount of iodine will help you maintain more of a healthy metabolic rate. It will also keep your thyroid properly functioning. Doing all this will help your body burn food to energy which causes healthier connective tissue.


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