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What are Essential Amino Acids

Essential amino acids are amino acids that can not be produced by the body. These amino acids need to be ingested in order for a human being to survive. Amino acids are the building blocks that are used to make proteins. Proteins are what make up the body. They serve not only as the foundation of the body, but they do the majority of the biochemical work as well. If carbohydrates are the gas used to fuel the car, then proteins are the car itself. There are eight essential amino acids. All eight of these amino acids can not be produced by the body on its own. There are other essential amino acids that can not be produced by children as well. The reason that they are considered "essential" is not because they are more important than the other amino acids in building the proteins needed by the body. It is because the body simply can not produce them from scratch. The definition of what is an essential amino acid and what is not can be somewhat vague. This is because many of the amino acids can be changed into one another by the body, but can not be made from scratch. This can make the definition somewhat complicated. The amino acids that contain sulfur are a good example of this, because all of them can be turned into one another by the human body, but none of them can be produced on their own.


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