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What is DHEA

DHEA is a real hormone in your body produced by the adrenal gland. This then becomes what we know as estrogen and testosterone in the male and female body system. DHEA is at its highest when you reach the age of 20, it then steadily decreases from that point on.  People who have certain health issues like diabetes and anorexia have low amounts of DHEA in their bodies. This causes some to believe that the more DHEA in your system, the healthier you may be. If you also take certain medications like insulin or steroids, your body produces less DHEA than what is considered normal.  Real plants such as soybeans have offered people a way to increase their DHEA through natural supplements. Chemically, the soybeans have to be turned into DHEA through a man-made process, so although the supplement is created with soybeans, it is not a fully natural substance. It is transferred into something called diosgenin. In 1985, DHEA, which had already been introduced to the market was taken off. It was then prescribed as a type of prescription medication from doctors when it had been shown as an effective supplement. It has also been shown to help decrease many signs of depression. It seems as if DHEA is good for all kinds of health issues including menopause, obesity, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction and even systemic lupus. Go figure DHEA is one of the most-applauded supplements out there today.


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