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What is N Acetylcysteine

What is N Acetylcysteine? 

This ingredient is contained in CysNAC, TheaNAQ, Daxitrol, and Balance D.

N-acetylcysteine is a type of metabolite of Cysteine, a form of amino acid which contains sulfur.  While Cysteine is abundant in protein rich food sources, N-acetylcysteine is not as abundant. The good news however, is that it is manufactured by the human body itself. Cysteine is an important synthesizer of glutathione, which is now reaching a new found fame as one of the most important detoxifiers and antioxidants for our body.


As previously mentioned, N-acetylcysteine is metabolized very quickly by the body into glutathione. Glutathione serves as a potent antioxidant in the body. It also acts as an excellent detoxifying agent, detoxifying harmful chemicals into harmless compounds. It also shields the body from toxicity derived from acetaminophen and has now proven to be useful in hospitals for patients suffering from acetaminophen poisoning. Liver failure can also be treated through its use as well.


N-acetylcysteine has been found to lessen the increase of cancer cells in the colon and may diminish the peril of having colon cancer in people with persistent growth of polyps inside the colon. Its function as an excellent antioxidant and a source of glutathione may also lead to its characteristic as a cancer fighting component.


It is highly advisable that at least twice or thrice as much doses of vitamin C should be taken when there is an intake of N-acetylcysteine. The reason is that it might have a harmful effect rather than a beneficial effect to one’s health when it is not taken together with two times or three times a larger dose of vitamin C. The vitamin C also aids in maintaining the glutathione that is derived from the Cysteine in its reduced type so that it can carry on with its function as an effective antioxidant. As with any other drug, it should be taken in its appropriate dosage as prescribed by a physician. Its use should also be discontinued when there are complications being experienced from its use.

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