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What is Taurine?

What is Taurine?

This neurotransmitter is affected by Kavinace, TravaCor, and Calm PRT

Taurine is a non-essential amino acid produced by the body. It is mostly present in the heart, the skeletal muscles and the central nervous system. It can also be found in the tissues and blood stream.

Taurine helps detoxify the body and acts as metabolic transmitter. It plays an important role in the brain, nervous system and cardiac functions. It is very vital as it protects the kidneys and is important in renal development, eliminates toxins in the body and cholesterol in the bile, protects the heart from damage during a shock or irregular rhythms, serves as an anti-oxidant, helps seizure disorders and fight microbial infections. It also enhances performance of athletes.

Lack of this amino acid in the body would result to health problems like anxiety, depression, hypertension, infertility, kidney failure, seizure disorders, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease. Athletes are prone to decrease its level because of excessive physical exertion. Hence, some take dietary supplements to bring it back to the right level. Also, eating foods rich in this amino acid can help. Natural sources of this are eggs, meat, milk, fish and seafoods like shrimp, clams, scallops and other shellfish.

A new born child cannot produce this yet, which is very essential in brain development. That is why newborns are fed with mother’s milk and infant formula milk, rich sources of taurine. Studies showed that autistic children lack this amino acid either while inside the mother’s womb or during the development stage. Hence, it is very important that pregnant and lactating mothers have this at the proper level.

Taurine supplements are also used to treat insomnia, restlessness, depression and irritability. Vegetarians are found to have low levels, thus, taking supplements would help them have this very important amino acid.

It is really imperative to eat a well-balanced diet. Having too much or too little of anything would have effects on the body. Taking the right amounts of recommended foods makes a healthy body. And when the body is healthy, a positive attitude and mental state leads to a happy life. 

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