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What is Theanine?

What is Theanine?


This ingredient is contained in Nuvoxil, a popular Neuroscience product.

For tea lovers who usually consume tea whenever there’s a meeting, gathering, occasion or event, you should know that by drinking tea you are also consuming theanine. Theanine is an amino acid which is found in tea leaf. It is known to promote relaxation and other many health-related benefits. The good thing about theanine is that after several studies and experimentation, it has been proven that when given excessive doses, there could be no significant side effect. This characteristic of theanine has given it much appreciation from people since most of the medication or drugs that helps you calm are usually associated with side effects like drowsiness or headache. This is possible since it works or functions only to relax your nervous system without preventing your brain to work as well.


Theanine is also responsible in giving the tea a distinctive taste. Study shows that Theanine initially is formed from the roots of a tea plant and then eventually transferred to leaf in a certain time. It also has anti-oxidant properties which can help you have healthier cells inside out. Theanine is commonly used to treat hypertension and ADHD. Furthermore, it is also common for doctors to give or prescribe Theanine to patients suffering from excessive or severe stress since it is well known to promote relaxation.


It is true that there are a lot of medicines or drugs that we can now intake. However, choosing the right one for you can be difficult at times especially if you are looking for a drug that has limited side effects to your body. Theanine has been proven to be very effective yet it has no side effect linked to it. In many cases of people who have been taking theanine medication or supplement, there have been no major side effects reported. It became famous to almost all places in the world for its wonder effect to human health.

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