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Where To Buy Isocort

Isocort, also known as the substance cortisol or hydrocortisone, is a steroid produced by the adrenal gland. During instances of stress, the hormone is released into the blood to increase blood sugar, suppress the immune system, and assist in the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Studies have also shown that adrenal deficiency is one of the primary causes for thyroid problems. Synthetic forms of cortisol such as Isocort are used in order to compensate for these low adrenal levels.

For most patients, a simple application of Isocort can induce adrenal healing and set you on the path to gradual reduction of thyroid pain. Some symptoms of low cortisol levels are paralyzing fear, anxiety, nausea, sha¬ki¬ness, fever and fluctuating body temperatures.

Where to Buy Isocort
As health care and insurance premiums rise to unmanageable levels, many patients feel the only alternative is to look to online pharmacies. However, in the uncertain world of the internet, half the pain is finding a reputable dealer that is both legal and safe. Thankfully, as an over the counter medication, IsoCart does not require a prescription. It is a natural supplement that is organic and safe for human consumption with minimal side effects. In addition, Isocort is the only over the counter medication that provides a dosage adequate to bring adrenal hormone levels back to their standard functionality. Other products offered by natural food stores do not offer the exact concentration and dosage levels required to induce this natural healing process. Cortisol based creams can also actuate an unsafe level of adrenal hormone, whereas the capsule form of IsoCart provides a precise level of adrenal stimulation.

There are a number of sites online to choose from that come recommended by users, VitaminMD based in New Jersey, Pure Prescriptions, and Forest Health Online to name a few. Most sites offer expedited shipping and confidentiality, which is critical to avoid any sudden drop in adrenal levels. Purchases are made through a credit card. They do not have a return policy. Currently, a bottle of 240 pellets cost approximately thirty dollars.

Isocort is an over the counter product that comes in an easy to use tablet form. Each tablet contains 2.5 milligrams of cortisol, and patients can regulate their dosage as they see fit. The ingredients of Isocort are organically grown, taken from the frozen adrenal cortex of New Zealand sheep and trace amounts of echinacea extract. The pellets are based in lactose.

Isocort can also be used for those patients who simply need to reduce stress or those with mild adrenal fatigue. If you are using Isocort as a nutritional or herbal supplement, take one to two pellets, three to four times daily, but never more than eight per day. For instance, a good regimen might entail two pills at breakfast, two at lunch, and one during dinner. Avoid drinking coffee or using other stimulants while taking Isocort, as it may decrease potency of the product. For more advanced issues, please consult the advice of your doctor.

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