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Why L Carnitine is needed in the Body

Carnitine is available naturally which is a compound known as quaternary ammonium. It is formed from methionine, lysine as well as amino acids. Essentially, vitamin C is meant for the carnitine biosynthesis. Carnitine consists of two certain stereoisomeric forms which are the D-carnitine and the L-carnitine form.

The L-carnitine form which is biologically active and its role is to carry the fatty acids from cytosol through the body cells into the mitochondria wherein the fatty acids are burned in order to release energy. In such means, L-carnitine boosts the usage of fat as an available source of energy in the body. Consequently, this is the substantiation which makes L-carnitine beneficial on losing weight.

L-carnitine is could found in certain foods which include avocados, red meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables as well as fermented soybean such as tempeh. An inadequate consumption of such foods might lead to the deficiency of L-carnitine within the body. Poor levels of L-carnitine could lead to some certain complications and harmful conditions.

The most usually seen conditions are having low levels of blood sugar as well as cramps and fatigue of the muscle. In addition, pregnant women and growing children require a higher L-carnitine level. Accordingly, nutritional supplements of L-carnitine are being sold in the market.

L-carnitine is being utilized for treatments of several neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease which an inability of thinking associated with depression, addiction to alcohol and loss of memory. Subsequently an acetylated L-carnitine form known as the Acetyl-L-carnitine is being used for treating the reduced circulation within the human brain which is caused by pain in the nerves due to cataracts, diabetes and genetic disorders.

There are many health and nutritional L-carnitine benefits; however it should not be used without prescription of health doctors regarding its proper dosages. Several cases have been identified on people who have suffered from side effects of L-carnitine.


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