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Women Health 101

Every menstrual cycle gives every woman changes in her body. This is due to the hormonal surges that occur inside her body. Accompanied by these changes is pain. Cramping is common and is really painful. Others have to take pain relievers in order for them not to feel the pain anymore. Others are not capable of going to work or school or to any important events because they can’t tolerate the pain anymore. This is why you need to take note of the foods that aren’t good for you whenever you have menstrual period.

Avoid too much intake of foods that has a high level of saturated fats because this can worsen the pain that you are already experiencing. Alcohol, meat and dairy products may also give the same effect. Wheat can worsen the bloating and the pain so avoid eating this.

If there are foods that you need to avoid, there are also foods that can help ease the pain that you’re experiencing. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of nutrition. Some foods that are rich in fatty acids are also good to eat during menstrual period because they have the ability to relax your muscles and ease the pain that you’re experiencing.

Whole foods like brown rice and brown flour also help great because they will give you enough energy so that you won’t feel tired and drained. Tofu is also good to eat because this is a good source of protein. This will help relieve PMS or the so-called Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.

Water is very important. They say that premenstrual headaches are because of dehydration. So learn to drink enough amount of water every day to prevent premenstrual headaches.


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