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Zinc and Manganese as Powerful Cognitive Support

Some people are maybe wondering if whether they can get all the necessary minerals for cognitive support from the foods that they eat, but the fact is it isn’t really possible.

There are major factors why taking these essential cognitive support minerals could not be achieved through natural food sources – one is due to food cost, second is due to our daily busy schedule, and other factors. Those who are living daily in a fast paced lifestyle often settle for processed foods which are short of nutrients, minerals, and many essential vitamins.

Zinc is among the primary minerals that support cognitive functions of the brain. But due to the fact that zinc is also used by the body to maintain several other body processes, it is often become depleted and as a result other functions such as brain support is put into risk. Due to this event, memory dysfunctions such as age related memory problems like Alzheimer’s disease and other related disease are formed.

Manganese is another key mineral for cognitive support. Its primary functions are to support different enzymes in the body as well as aid in their functions, also as a vital mineral for different nerve cells in the body. Manganese is naturally found in cereals, teas, and grains, though again it only comes in a very small amount.

Supplemental studies claim that magnesium can be used to control seizures as well as regulate the sugar levels in the blood, though a deeper study is needed to conclude these hypotheses. Today, manganese is being widely used as one of the components of several nutritional supplements that aid cognitive support particularly formulated for the brain.

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