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Advanced Naturals DigestMax™ Ultra

  • DigestMax Ultra
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Product Description

Advanced Naturals DigestMax™ Ultra

Ultra-strength Plant Enzyme Formula Promotes Superior Digestive Health

  • Strongest formula available
  • 14 plant-based enzymes target difficult digestion
  • SmartZYME ensures maximum effectiveness over a broad pH range
  • Supports enhanced digestive function
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Helps break down a variety of foods
  • Helps relieve indigestion, gas and bloating
  • Easy-swallow capsule

What are enzymes?
Enzymes play an essential role in every function in the human body, including eating, digestion and nutrient absorption, seeing, hearing, breathing, kidney and liver function, healthy elimination and more. In the digestive system, enzymes help break down foods by breaking apart the bonds that hold nutrients together. As a result, the body is able to use those nutrients for energy. Although enzymes are typically present
in raw, whole foods to assist with digestion, the majority of people do not obtain enough enzymes through diet alone. Today’s diet of cooked and heavily processed foods depletes the natural enzymes from food and can lead to poor digestion, as the body may not be able to completely break down foods and obtain their valuable nutrients.

What is DigestMax Ultra?

DigestMax Ultra is the strongest digestive enzyme formula available today. Its all plant-sourced enzyme formula sets it apart from our animalsourced enzyme supplements and specifically targets difficult digestion and enhanced nutrient absorption. DigestMax Ultra is recommended for those who experience greater digestive difficulty and suffer from gas and bloating.

DigestMax Ultra utilizes our unique SmartZYME blend, which combines multiple enzyme strains to increase the potency of the formula over a broader pH range in the digestive tract. This full spectrum of digestive enzymes works to help break down protein, carbohydrates, fats and starches.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Amazing. Energetically proven to work best for my body.

    Posted by Lady C on 22nd May 2011

    I had a Limbic Stress Assessment which helped determine I needed much digestive support. This product was recommended for me, and I immediately noticed a huge difference in the way I digested, my overall feeling throughout the day, my abdominal region, and my whole life in general was improved. I wish I had known years ago~! This particular brand line and product works better than any other on the market I have tried. Maximum digestive support at a reasonable price. You will be extremely satisfied you chose this digestive enzyme product.

  2. Fantastic Natural Product

    Posted by John E. on 9th Jan 2011

    DigestMax Ultra is a great enzymes product by Advanced Naturals

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