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Health Concerns Nine Flavor Tea

  • Health Concerns Nine Flavor Tea
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Product Description


Modified Liu Wei Di Huang Wan Herbal Supplement


  • Low back pain
  • Menopause - Night Sweats
  • Sjogren's syndrome
  • Yin deficiency
  • Arthralgia and Arthritis (Bi syndromes) - Deficiency of yin with heat
  • Back, Weak - Kidney yin deficiency
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Deficiency of yin with heat
  • Constipation - Deficiency of yin
  • Dizziness - Liver yin deficiency
  • Ear-Ringing - Kidney yin deficiency
  • Eye, Dry
  • Eye, Spots in Vision - Liver yin deficiency
  • Fatigue - Kidney yin deficiency
  • Fever - Afternoon low grade (deficiency of yin with heat)
  • Goiter - Yin deficiency
  • Hives - Yin deficiency
  • Hot Palms and Soles
  • Hyperactive Thyroid
  • Insomnia - Deficiency yin and heat
  • Kidney infection - Yin deficiency with heat signs (promotes urination)
  • Menopause - Hot Flashes
  • Menses, Irregular - Liver yin deficiency
  • Yin deficiency heat - chronic sore throat, night sweats, treats dryness
  • Tonic formula - Nourish yin
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


  • Treat chronic and recurrent sore throat with lymphatic swelling
  • Treat oral sores accompanied by thirst and insomnia
  • Treat a symptom combination that includes facial flushing, afternoon fevers, chronic inflammation, burning soles and palms, nightsweats, blurred vision, dizziness, tinnitus, and impotence


  • Nourish liver, kidney, stomach, spleen yin
  • Clear stomach heat and heart fire
  • Tonify kidney and spleen qi


  • Rehmannia (raw) root sheng di huang
  • Dioscorea root shan yao
  • Poria sclerotium fu ling
  • Cornus fruit shan zhu yu
  • Moutan root bark mu dan pi
  • Alisma rhizome ze xie
  • Scrophularia root xuan shen
  • Glehnia root sha shen
  • Ophiopogon tuber mai men dong

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  1. Impressive Natural Item

    Posted by M. Johnson on 9th Apr 2011

    Nine Flavor Tea is a powerful product by Health Concerns

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Valued Customer, Austin, TX

Wow! I'm impressed with the speed of delivery. These arrived already this morning. Thanks very much for such great customer service!

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