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Intensive Nutrition Deep 91 Cream

  • Intensive Nutrition Deep 91 Cream
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Product Description

Transdermal oil that addresses pain caused by deep tissue and deep muscle aches and pains. As a function of its oxygenating ability, it also helps to reduce surface scars caused by injury, burns and post-operative scarring (including prevention of keloid scarring)

What is Deep '91®?

Deep '91® is an antioxidant skin care product, clinically tested for safe use for surface scars and for muscle aches and pains. It has deep acting, multi-level action based on the combined effects of Maliner Kren Oil from German sweet horseradish, Tocopheryl Niacinate (a Vitamin E derivative), and Chilean Rose Hip Seed Oil extracted from seeds of the fruit of wild rose, Rosa Afl. Rubiginosa L., and free Vitamin E. Deep '91® is composed of natural oils and vitamins.  It is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, stable and free of synthetic additives.  When used on a freshly sealed wound, Deep '91® minimizes scar tissue formation, prevents complications due to inadequate oxygen or nutrient supply, eliminates excessive swelling and inflammation, prevents abnormal scar formation and accelerates the final stages of healing.

How does it address scars and scar prevention?

hen Deep-91® is applied to a freshly sealed wound, one of its components, Tocopheryl Niacinate, penetrates the skin and moderately dilates the capillary vessels for enhanced blood flow. At the same time, it carries the special unsaturated oils across the skin.

The dilation of the vessels elevates the oxygen level and increases nutrient flow to the wound site immediately. The unsaturated oils getting through the skin and deep into the tissues provide a plentiful supply of chemical building blocks (precursors) for the production of prostaglandins which are the principal modulators and controllers of inflammation and swelling.

The beneficial action of Deep-91 oil is thus extensive: it minimizes scar tissue formation, prevents complications due to inadequate oxygen or nutrient supply, eliminates excessive swelling and inflammation, prevents abnormal scar formation such as keloid scars or hyperthropic scars, and accelerates the final stages of healing. The result is a strong and almost invisible scar.

How does Deep '91 address deep aches and pains?

Deep '91® increases blood flow to the area of concern and as consequence, muscles and tightness in muscles and tissues loosen and improve in their flexiblity.

Interactions/Precautions  For scarring: Apply ONLY to a sealed wound. Do not apply if initial scab has not fallen off. Do not apply to face or eye area. | For muscle aches and pains, do not use Deep '91 on irritated skin. |  Please consult your physician prior to adding Deep '91 to a wound, especially post-surgery or post-operative.

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  1. Effective Health Product

    Posted by J. Johnson on 7th Feb 2011

    Deep 91 Cream is a incredible product by Intensive Nutrition

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