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Intensive Nutrition Mega-VM

  • Intensive Nutrition Mega-VM
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Product Description

Mega-VM multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement is a super antioxidant and contains all vitamin and mineral elements considered essential to human nutrition. The dual functionality of being a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral as well as antioxidant makes this formula the first choice for a wide variety of nutritional needs and demands. It simplifies nutritional regimens by reducing the number of pills to be taken. 

Our formulas incorporate a novel formulating principle which we call "target release™."  Vastly superior to time release, "target release™" means that the release of the minerals will occur in the most absorptive area of the digestive system--the ileum of the small intestine.  The manufacturing process for Mega-VM takes over two months, incorporating biochemically superior methods for preparation, compounding and drying.

Mega-VM composition (4 tablets or 6 capsules)

Vitamin A: 20,000 IU Choline bitartrate: 45 mg Iron: 18 mg
Beta Carotene: 10 mg Folic Acid: 700 mcg Copper: 2 mg
Inositol:  100 mg Zinc: 15 mg
Vitamin B-1: 60 mg PABA:  45 mg Manganese: 14 mg
Vitamin B-2: 60 mg Vitamin C (ascorbate): 600 mg

SeaSEL™:  Pacific kelp 200 mg supplying: Chromium (GTF)  190 mcg |
Selenium: 200 mcg| Iodine: 260 mcg |
Molybdenum:  50 mcg| Boron: 34 mcg |
Other trace minerals: 60 mcg Vanadium, Nickel, Cobalt, Silicon, etc.  60 mcg

Vitamin B-3: 150 mg Bioflavonoids:  50 mg
Niacin:  40 mg Vitamin D-3:  200 IU
Vitamin B-5:  450 mg Vitamin E: 400 IU
Vitamin B6:  50 mg Calcium (Citrate): 500 mg
Vitamin B12:  74 mcg Magnesium (ascorbate):  400 mg
Biotin: 300 mcg Potassium (aspartate): 99 mg

Paint is for WALLS, NOT your vitamins...

Most companies "mask" their tablets with paint so that they appear perfect. But their tablets are only cosmetically perfect. The highest quality vitamins do not require masking. Intensive Nutrition's multi-vitamins contain superior quality ingredients and undergo special granulation processes that allow for exceptional bioavailability and absorption. 

Unlike mass produced multivitamins, a 30 second taste test wont send you searching for a glass of water. We apply the the same standard of excellence in manufacturing to all our supplements. Take a Taste Test Place our multivitamin in your mouth for approximately 30-60 seconds. Remove the vitamin. Place a comparable coated multivitamin in your mouth for the same amount of time. Notice the difference in taste.  Click here for pictures!

Interactions/Precautions  Please consult a health professional prior to starting a multivitamin regimen. This supplement contains Iron. Please keep out of the reach of children.


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  1. Amazing Health Good

    Posted by Steven F on 1st Feb 2011

    Mega-VM is a powerful product by Intensive Nutrition

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