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Jigsaw Health Digestive Enzymes, Essential Blend

  • Jigsaw Health Digestive Enzymes, Essential Blend
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Product Description

The Secret Of Feeling Great After Even The Biggest Meals.

  • Now contains Betaine HCl for enhanced protein digestion
  • Break down hidden gluten, casein and lactose
  • No more indigestion, bloating, and cramping
  • Gain maximum nourishment from every single meal

What Makes Jigsaw's Digestive Enzyme Supplement Different?

After reviewing some of the newest research available, we decided to make three significant changes in our Essential Blend Digestive Enzymes formula. All of these changes truly set it apart from other digestive enzyme supplements on the market, and deliver health benefits beyond just improved digestion.

Change #1:

First, we took out all the enzymes designed to break down carbohydrates (with the exception of those targeting milk sugars, since allergy to hidden lactose is very common). We did this because the newest data shows that our bodies are actually better off NOT digesting carbohydrates better than what it already can do on its own.

Accelerating carbohydrate digestion can actually spike blood sugar, which has a host of problems associated with it. One of which is that the increased insulin can turn more carbohydrates and digested sugars into fat.

There is also the potential for it to cause a hypoglycemic reaction, where blood sugar drops suddenly after the increased insulin does its job of turning the excess sugar into fat. When blood sugar spikes, it is almost always followed by a drop that many people can actually feel.

Change #2:

Second, we took out the enzymes targeting fat digestion. Studies are now showing that the more undigested fat that passes through the gastrointestinal system, the more toxins that are excreted through the bowels.1

Dr. Walter Crinnion — an Environmental Specialist, good friend of Jigsaw Health, and author of Clean, Green and Lean — pointed out that it is much better NOT to increase digestion of fat because fat is one of the main vehicles the body uses to carry toxins out of the body.

Change #3:

Third, we added even more enzymes to break down protein — PLUS Betaine HCl to promote ideal pH for enzyme function and protein digestion.

As we age — and when chronic conditions are present — digestion of protein is the real problem our bodies face. We NEED protein to be digested into amino acids in order to supply the body with the materials needed to build and rebuild virtually everything in the body. Without amino acids, our bodies literally break down over time. They are the building blocks of everything.

Also, undigested proteins can be the main cause of most allergies so breaking them down completely is critical. Casein and gluten are well-known as two of the most difficult proteins to break down. And they show up in a lot of foods in small quantities — hidden so that people with these allergies have reactions and don't know why.

With this new formula, we have dramatically increased the body's natural ability to digest these proteins. Unlocking the amino acids inside so they are released and available to help build and maintain our health every single day.

Want To Restore Your Digestive Health?

Impaired digestion and food allergies is right at the top of our Top 10 list of causes of chronic conditions. Jigsaw's digestive enzymes supplement creates an incredibly effective foundation for restoring digestive health in your body.

Sure, they help rid you of the discomfort that comes from indigestion, but our Essential Blend Digestive Enzymes Supplement also:

  • Help digest hidden wheat and dairy ingredients (especially gluten, casein and lactose) found in many pre-packaged and processed foods.
  • Help obtain the amino acids from protein in meals.
  • Help ease the demand on your pancreas to produce digestive enzymes.
  • Help facilitate absorption of nutrients from food.

What Can Digestive Enzymes Help Me With?*

  • Promote healthy digestive system.
  • Break down difficult proteins into essential amino acids.
  • Absorb and assimilate nutrients.
  • Replace depleted enzymes in the stomach.
  • Ease malaise and lethargy after large meals.
  • Improve solid waste and toxin elimination.
  • Alleviate symptoms of dairy intolerance.

What Makes Jigsaw's Digestive Enzymes Supplement So Effective?

  • Designed to work throughout the digestive tract in a wide range of pH: from 3.0-8.0, this digestive enzymes supplement is especially helpful for those with varying pH levels in their bodies.
  • Very powerful, broad spectrum enzymes help to digest dairy sugars and all types of proteins, including the difficult-to-digest casein and gluten found in many grains and breads.
  • Comes in capsule form so that you can even break it open and sprinkle on food or in water for even faster action to help you start feeling better sooner.

What Does The "Essential Blend" Consist Of?

  • Proteolytic enzymes – Powerful enough to digest most gluten and casein found in grains and dairy. For those on a gluten- or casein-free diet, these powerful proteolytic enzymes help digest gluten and casein usually hidden in foods eaten in restaurants.
  • Alpha-galactosidase – Effectively breaks down the indigestible sugars (such as melibiose, raffinose and stachyose) that commonly occur in vegetables, especially in members of the legume and cruciferous families, which can be problematic for many people.
  • BioCore™ Dairy – A proprietary blend of protease and lactase enzymes to help you digest dairy products. May also help improve symptoms of lactose intolerance.
  • Betaine HCl – A metabolite of choline that is used in one of the pathways that converts homocysteine to L-methionine. It was added as a source of supplemental hydrochloric acid in order to aid in digestion, and to help lower the stomach's pH, providing a favorable environment for low pH enzymes like pepsin to perform most effectively.
Jigsaw Health Digestive Enzymes, Essential Blend Ingredients

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  1. Fantastic Natural Item

    Posted by Steven E. on 16th Feb 2011

    Digestive Enzymes, Essential Blend is a incredible product by Jigsaw Health

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Valued Customer, Austin, TX

Wow! I'm impressed with the speed of delivery. These arrived already this morning. Thanks very much for such great customer service!

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