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Jigsaw Health Probiotics, Essential Blend

  • Jigsaw Health Probiotics, Essential Blend
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Product Description

You've Got At Least 25 Billion Reasons to Take Just One a Day.

  • Helps alleviate digestive disorders
  • Contains the highly potent L. acidophilus La-14
  • Restores intestinal flora after antibiotic use
  • Professional strength, human strain formula

How Many Friendly Bacteria Does This Probiotic Contain?

Each capsule of Jigsaw Health’s Essential Blend Priobiotics is guaranteed to have a minimum of 25 billion friendly, helpful, active bacteria at expiry. Each capsule is individually freeze-dried and nitogen-packed to ensure the highest quality probiotics on the market.

What Can Probiotics Help Me With?*

  • Restore balance of essential friendly bacteria after antibiotic use.
  • Alleviate digestive disorders.
  • Enhance synthesis of B-vitamins.
  • Absorb calcium, copper, iron, and magnesium.
  • Protect against bacterial irritations.
  • Ease yeast infections.
  • Improve lactose intolerance.
  • Strengthen immune function.

What Makes Jigsaw's Essential Blend Probiotics Unique?

Jigsaw's patented formula - backed by extensive research - has been proven in more than 25 years of successful use. Essential Blend Probiotics utilizes five of the most effective human strains, including the proven L. acidophilus La-14. Each capsule is guaranteed to have a minimum of 25 billion live, friendly, active bacteria.

During manufacturing, each capsule is individually freeze-dried and nitrogen-packed to ensure the highest quality product is delivered to your doorstep. Once they arrive, follow the simple instructions we include, and your supply will maintain its potency and stability for up to two years.

How Does Jigsaw's Essential Blend Probiotics Compare To Other Probiotic Supplements?

We're very proud of the hard work we've done to ensure that unlike other probiotics, Essential Blend Probiotics:

  • Costs just $0.44 per day — compared to an average $0.89 per day for Primal Defense® and $1.01 for Primal Defense ULTRA®.
  • Contains a guaranteed minimum 25 billion active friendly bacteria in each capsule so you need just one per day.
  • Most probiotics typically contain less than 5 billion active bacteria in each capsule requiring you to take at least 5 per day — and often more — just to achieve the same level of effectiveness as Essential Blend Probiotics.
  • Contains no FOS (or "prebiotics") that feeds the bad bacteria instead of the good, and which can cause bloating, cramping, and general discomfort if present in a probiotic formula.
  • Has none of the calories found in yogurt or kefir, and has better quality and greater numbers of live, active cultures than those.

Jigsaw Health Probiotics, Essential Blend Ingredients

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  1. Impressive Natural Product

    Posted by M. E. on 9th Feb 2011

    Probiotics, Essential Blend is a great product by Jigsaw Health

Customer Feedback

Valued Customer, Austin, TX

Wow! I'm impressed with the speed of delivery. These arrived already this morning. Thanks very much for such great customer service!

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