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Lidtke Technologies EndorphiGen

  • Lidtke Technologies EndorphiGen
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Product Description

    EndorphiGen® Is designed to help support:

  • normal resistance to common aches and pains
  • a better mood
  • normal levels of cravings (for foods, etc.)

According to studies, the primary ingredient in EndorphiGen, Dphenylalanine (DPA should not be confused with DLPA), has the potential to raise endorphin levels. Researchers claim that DPA has the ability to limit the activity of an enzyme, carboxypeptidase-A, that normally suppresses endorphins levels. Researchers conclude that when carboxypeptidase-A is limited, endorphin levels are free to rise to a higher, and usually more-desirable set point.

As Julia Ross explains in her book, The Mood Cure, the lidtke27cal set-point that you are genetically saddled with may keep your endorphin levels uncomfortably low. Too often, she says, this can lead to addictions. Julia, who runs an addiction clinic, is well aware of the many pathways to addiction. Perhaps the most common is the pathway followed by someone who simply does not produce enough endorphins (or other natural common-pain relievers) in his or her own body. Such people, sadly, may look for relief wherever they find it.

In this regard, we believe that DPA is superior to DLPA for two reasons. The first is that DLPA contains 50% L-Phenylalanine (LPA). LPA is a well-understood, essential amino acid and is known to feed the adrenaline pathway. The problem is that higher adrenaline levels generally increase blood pressure and, in turn, the perception of pain.

The second reason is that the components of DLPA (50% DPA and 50% LPA) share the same molecular size and electrical charge. For this reason, when they are taken together as DLPA, they are likely to compete against one another for passage through your blood-brain-barrier, reducing the effectiveness of either of these isomers. EndorphiGen has generated many repeat customers.

Lidtke Technologies EndorphiGen Ingredients

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  1. Top Natural Item

    Posted by M T on 25th Mar 2011

    EndorphiGen is a incredible product by Lidtke Technologies

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Valued Customer, Austin, TX

Wow! I'm impressed with the speed of delivery. These arrived already this morning. Thanks very much for such great customer service!

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