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Montiff All-Basic-Plus 745mg

  • Montiff All-Basic-Plus 745mg
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Product Description

Montiff All-Basic-Plus

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and are vital to understanding the Krebs Cycle. They are individual crystalline molecules that make up protein, similar to the way letters make up the alphabet. There are 20 basic amino acids that produce over 1600 substances in the body. They make up 3/4ths of the body’s solid material and are found in muscle tissue, organs, blood and skin. Amino acids also make hormones, enzymes, and vitamins, and are essential for a healthy immune system and proper neurological functions. It is necessary to replace amino acids constantly to nourish the body and to repair and regenerate tissue. Amino acids are generally ingested in the food we eat, however, because of processed foods, inadequate diets, and food restrictive programs, a proper balance is rarely achieved and supplementation is advisable. This holds to be true during illness, trauma, surgery and stress. More amino acids are required than can be obtained by food alone. In the chronically ill, they can help reverse negative nitrogen balance, and help prevent tissue wasting. ALL-BASIC-PLUS is the recommended choice to help insure optimum balance and provide basic amino acid requirements.


  • Periods of ILLNESS, INJURY AND STRESS when additional amino acids are required by the body for tissue and cell growth and repair.
  • Helping to stimulate the immune system.
  • Assisting in reversing negative nitrogen balance.
  • Prior to and after surgical procedures.
  • Providing a balanced nutritional program, especially for restricted food programs including food allergies. Contains no animal, milk or soy products.
  • General health maintenance.

Supplement Facts

1-4 Capsules T.I.D. 30 minutes before meals with a full glass of fruit juice or water. Do not take with milk or hot fluids. Vitamins and minerals are required for proper metabolism and Montiff Vita-Minz Plus and B-Complete or B-Long are recommended.

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