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OL Medical Division AHCC Prescribed Choice

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Product Description

OL Medical Division AHCC Prescribed Choice

  • 1000mg 30 Capsules

AHCC or Active Hexose Correlated Compound is a natural substance made from medicinal mushrooms containing bioactive, low molecular weight hexose molecules. Medicinal mushrooms and their extracts have been reported in the scientific literature to have a variety of biological effects including immunomodulation, antitumor properties and beneficial influences on blood sugar regulation, serum lipids and blood pressure.

AHCC is created by reacting specific enzymes with several species of medicinal mushrooms Basidiomycetes. AHCC is then obtained from a patented process of cultivation, enzymatic decomposition, sterilization, concentration, and freeze drying. AHCC is rich in nutrients (alpha glucans) and dietary fiber and is known to have immune supporting benefits. AHCC’s special ingredients obtained from this unique cultivation method cannot be found in typical mushrooms.

The main advantage of this cultivation method is that it breaks down nutrients into a more absorbable form. The molecular weight of most mushroom extracts is in the hundreds of thousands of Daltons (a measure of weight) AHCC has a molecular weight under 5,000 Daltons. This small molecular weight means that potent nutrients in AHCC can be assimilated quickly by the white blood cells for immediate use in destruction of tumors or strengthening of the bodies immune system.

AHCC has been used to fight a variety of serious immune deficiencies. Included are cancer, heart disease, hepatitis, and AIDS. Potential uses for AHCC include chronic fatigue, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Allergies, Asthma, and many other inflammatory responses that are influenced in the body by the immune system.

Since most diseases can be traced to a breakdown in immune function, it stands to reason that AHCC should be considered a first line defense in a variety of different disease states.

AHCC has proven to be an important supplement in helping to reduce inflammation, to reduce oxidative damage and to fortify the immune system.

AHCC should be part of anyone’s daily regimen in maintaining and achieving optimum health. Olympian Labs/Prescribed Choice AHCC 1000mg 30t Ingredients

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  1. Top Natural Product

    Posted by John E. on 6th Apr 2011

    AHCC Prescribed Choice is a incredible product by OL Medical Division

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Valued Customer, Austin, TX

Wow! I'm impressed with the speed of delivery. These arrived already this morning. Thanks very much for such great customer service!

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