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OL Medical Division Pre-Natal Prescribed Choice

  • Olympian Labs/Prescribed Choice Pre-Natal Multivitamin 60c
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Product Description

OL Medical Division Pre-Natal Prescribed Choice

  • 60 Capsules

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, fullof new experiences and possibilities. During pregnancy, a woman’s nutritional needs both increase and change. Prescribed Choice Pre-Natal provides optimal nutritional support in a new powerful, easy to take formula. A serious concern for an expectant mother has during pregnancy is protection of her child from abnormal development. Neural Tube Defects are defects of the spinal column which cause conditions such as Spina Bifida and may lead to paralysis of the legs. Research suggests that high doses of folic acid are the best defense against neural tube defects. The dosage in Prescribed Choice Pre-Natal are significantly higher than those found in leading competitive formulas.

In one clinical study performed in London, it was shown that while the recommended level of folic acid fortification in the US would produce a 20% reduction in NTDs, maximum protection was achieved at 5 mg of folic acid. At 5 mg of folic acid, incidence of NTDs was reduced by 85%. Prescribed Choice believes that it is vitally important for a woman to receive the best protection possible for her child against neural tube defects, so we have chosen to go with the 5 mg dose.

In addition, Prescribed Choice Pre-Natal has been synergistically balanced. Vitamin D3 supports fetal growth and bone calcification, while Vitamin C is needed for healthy cell development. A powerful blend of B vitamins supports production of energy and the development of the nervous system. Lutein, a precursor to Vitamin A, helps with neural development and healthy eyes. Together these essential nutrients combine to meet or exceed a woman’s daily nutritional needs.

Prescribed Choice Pre-Natal uses the highest quality of chelated ver possible for superior absorption. Chelated iron supports blood cells and helps prevent anemia during pregnancy and chelated zinc may help a woman resist infections during pregnancy. Chelated copper supports the nervous system, healthy bones, and the synthesis of proteins. Iodine, provided from kelp, helps to regulate growth, development and energy. These minerals are backed by magnesium which supports the function of nerves and muscles.

Prescribed Choice Pre-Natal is proud to help mothers achieve optimal levels of nutritional support. We believe that our Pre-Natal provides the highest level of protection from neural tube defects and helps mothers to lessen the risks of these conditions. We think that women who try our Pre-Natal Premium Multivitamin will find it convenient and effective.

Olympian Labs/Prescribed Choice Pre-Natal Multivitamin 60c Ingredients

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  1. Fantastic Health Good

    Posted by M Johnson on 4th Jan 2011

    Pre-Natal Prescribed Choice is a great product by OL Medical Division

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Wow! I'm impressed with the speed of delivery. These arrived already this morning. Thanks very much for such great customer service!

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