International Shipping Information

We offer a limited selection of products for shipping outside the U.S. (Canada ONLY - no other countries are permitted). If you are shipping outside the United States and the product(s) you are ordering are NOT on the list below, then please DO NOT complete your order.

If you place an order for international shipping for products that we can't ship outside the U.S., it may take up to three weeks to cancel your order and refund your money (it is a huge headache for you and us).

If only some of the products you want to order are on the list below, then please go back, view your cart, and REMOVE the products that can't be shipped internationally before completing your order.

Products Available for Shipping to Canada:

-Bezwecken Isocort, Phyto B, and Progon B

-All HCG Products

-All NeuroScience, Inc. Products, except Avipaxin

-Advanced Naturals ColonMax and CleanseMax

If the product(s) you are ordering are not on this list, then DO NOT place an international order. If you have any questions, or need any help, please email us at [email protected]

If you are shipping to a United States address, then please close this window and continue with your order.

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